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Please, re-write numbers from the picture

ChesterHello, is Ria today in club ?

PjoShe was czech, curly hair with tatoo, around 21:00

K5relaxK5 IconTo Pjo: Sorry but we do not known. On Friday we have had around 25 girls working here. It musted be one of them. Usually standing on the reception desk, showing arround the club and sitting the guest down. It would help let us know more details. Thanks in advance, Your K5 relax Team

PjoHi who was the brunette working last friday near the elevator? Is she working every weekend ?

K5relaxK5 IconDear Michael, Thank you very much for the visit and positive comments. We hope to see you soon. Regards, The K5 Relax Team

MichaelHaving spent the weekend in Hot Peppers, Darling and K5 and I must say you Prague club owners really know how to make your customers happy. Three diffrent kins of clubs but you all get 10 out of 10. Thanks a lot.

K5relaxK5 IconTo Martin:Thank you very much for your comment, We are very happy, that you like our club :-)

MartinJeowsI used to be very happy to find this web-site.I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Anyways, just wanted to say thnx

K5relaxK5 IconTo Paris: Please, we would be most happy to comunicate by e-mail. info@k5relax.com Thanks in asdvance. The K5 Relax Team

escort em parisDu six au 9 juin. Gratuit. Le 7 juin a 20 h. Twiztour.

K5relaxK5 IconTo coldboy: Hello, we are very sorry but Nela is no longer working with us. We have lot of new girls :-) So come and fall in love again :-)

coldboyHi is Nella (not sure to have written correct) still working with you? I met her two years ago and siply...fell in love

K5relaxK5 IconTo Johaness: a very good news - Rafaela is coming back at July 24!

K5relaxK5 IconTo: Johaness,yes Rafeaela is unfortunatelly in Brasil. But we have lot of amazing and beautiful girls. Come and see us. Have a nice day.

K5relaxK5 IconTo SeaGate: Thank you very much for your interest. We would be most happy to send you all informations about our girls, policy and prices by e-mail. Regards Your K5 Relax Team

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of K5 girls by Kája Saudek


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