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A long time patronTeam, wishing you all everything of the best. I look forward to the NEW K5 wherever that may be in Prague. Thomas I will miss our chats, coming from the US a long way to have them. Thanks to all the girls - whom I hope will find a good new home. Eliss, Sabina, Daisy, Foxy, Cathy - you will all be missed - hope to see you all somewhere else - please do not change your names if you do join another club as I will look out for you again. I look forward to the NEXT K5.

MPDear K5 team, the feelings are like losing an old friend… I would like to be one of the last to leave a post before K5 I know will close forever. Allow me to mention Fabio, Thomas, the Lady manager , Petra and the beautiful Kamila, Renata and Zara as part of my life when I needed to take a break from reality. Thank you all for your company, your kindness and your time. Hope our roads will cross in future to “Relax” a bit together again. All the best to all.

YSHHello! I visited k5 for the first time in October last year! And from everywhere in Europe, it was the best. Comfort was amazing and the girls were gorgeous. Great combination of Strip Club and Escort Service. There should be more places like this. Does anyone know of similar places e.g. Artemis in Germany? I had an amazing time with Sabina, Ariana, and Jessica. If you have any information on their whereabouts after closure, it would be awesome! Or if K5 is moving house somewhere else? I was planning to visit in April/May again..and meet Ginger, Parvathi and Ellis. So...if you have any information, it will be much appreciated. Thinking of coming back in April/May

RelhourlHello i am from Andora and i can help you with all of problems. Please write. Relgise

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