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Please, re-write numbers from the picture

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DannyHello. I do not have photos and can not write on the mail because I share it. but I can try to describe the girl. has a tattoo on her hand such a Sphinx cat then a tattoo on her chest and fingers. she told me it was from Čelákovice. that she's a singer and that she's doing this job just for a moment. I also offered sex without a condom because I only give her money and I can not talk about it. I refused. otherwise I was expecting a standard service but I was very disappointed. I was really excited about your club, but these girls spoil it. I hope that when I come back to Prague in August I will not see her. thank you for answer..

K5relaxK5 IconTo Danny thank you for your info. Is there a chance you could send us the stage name or description of her tattoo as we would like to pay closer attantion to her from now on. We will be thankful if you could send us the details to info@k5relax.com Thank you for your understanding and visit.

K5relaxK5 IconTo Rock: The K5 Relax is very classic men's club with great renomee and established clientele. Our policy is pefect service, personal approach to our guest and be correct. We are very sorry for your bad experience in other places, but we are not responsible for that... We would be most happy to send you all details about our prices, policy and girls by e-mail. With kind regards Your K5 Relax Team

DannyHello. Miss Lenka, what I chose, has disappointed me a lot. I paid and it was boring, and it looked like I was bothering her. I do not recommend. the club should consider whether to employ such as her. it's bad for the club. so you can see her cat's tattooed hand. I was very dissatisfied.

rockIs it just like fish bowl concept in Thailand, I'll have to pay the amount for the hours and the girl would stay for that much hour and do services on the menu. please confirm or let me know what's the difference? thanks. I've faced bad experiences when I was charged for an hour but the girl stayed for 30 mins only and then started getting rude.

K5relaxK5 IconTo Chris:Of course we do accept euro,current change rate is 24 kc for 1euro.

ChrisWhen I arrive at Prague, I might not have enough time to exchange money. Do you take Euros?

K5relaxK5 IconTo Alex: one hour costs 4000+600 CZK for the taxi both ways. Have a good time

AlexHello, what are the fees to invite one of the girls to my place instead?

K5relaxK5 IconTo Andreas: If you visit our club, we recomend you to talk with our girls. BTW: they love to play.

AndreasDo you have any role play or scenarios that the girls are happy to act out?

K5relaxK5 IconTo MP: Thank you very much for your beautiful comment, we are very happy that you like our club. Have a beautiful day and hope to see you soon.

MPDear K5 team, life brought me back to K5 after few mouth and confirmed again my thinking that your club is one of the best places where to spend great time with great people in a great mood. As a loyal customer, during these years, I had the pleasure to meet very beautiful girls. Yesterday I had the unexpected opportunity to spend a wonderful time with a shining, top class Lady. Victor (thank you for your professional and appropriate support) please give my regards and all my thanks to girl, indisputably one of the best girls I have met in your club. Hope to see Sara and all of you very soon. MP

K5relaxK5 IconHi Jacub, There is 20 girls on our page http://www.escortservice.cz/escort-divky/ Most of our girls are students or having normal job, therefore can not be on the internet. Pls for all details about our prices, policy and girls, send us e-mail. Regards Your K5 Relax Team

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