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QuantumHello! I'm you are just from the future. Buy bitcoin in 2009 and sell it in 2018. Buy viuly in 2018 and sell it in 2019. https://www.google.com/search?q=bitcoin https://www.google.com/search?q=viuly

K5relaxK5 IconTo Chris: We are happy you like the time in K5. Best regards Team K5

ChrisNo problem, I have recommended your club to all my friends! Yes please, pass on my regards to Julie, I can’t get her out of my mind!

K5relaxK5 IconTo Chris: Thank you very much for your beautiful message. We will tell Julie your regards. Hope to see you soon here. Your K5 relax club

ChrisHi, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my time at your club on 12th Sept. Julie (forgive me if spelling is wrong) made me feel so good about myself, telling me how hot I was and how much she liked my body, I fell in love! I hope to return sometime soon! Keep up the good work!

K5relaxK5 IconTo Johan: We would like to recommend Amethyst hotel. We work for a long time with. The main reason is the location ( is located just a few minutes walk from our club ) and close to us there are not many hotels in the same quality. Not far from us is Tosca Hotel, which has no comparison with Amethyst. Very good hotel ( in our area ) is Le Pallais, but it's extremely expensive compares to Amethyst.

JohanHi planing a trip to your Amazing club i end of september. can you recomend any good hotels who is girlfriend friendly?

K5relaxK5 IconTo FransC90: You are more than welcome here. Please send us email on info@k5relax.com and we will be happy to explain you more. Beautiful day

VisitingDecemberHi married couple here visiting in Dec. we’ve never done anything like this before and I’ve convinced her to try to visit this club. At least just to look and check it out. Can someone please tell me more about it and what a first timers like us could expect. My KIK is FransC90

K5relaxK5 Icon28Jlover:Please, we would be most happy to comunicate by e-mail. info@k5relax.com Thanks in asdvance. The K5 Relax Team

28jloverI am hoping to visit Prague and like really busty girls - is there any who fit thi description? Thank

K5relaxK5 IconGuido:Thank you very much for the nice comments. Your K5 Team

GuidoI have to say "Thank you" to Zaza - she made the stay unforgetable ... But I has already told Zara it was the highlight after being 50 and I want to take it with me in my brain and in my heart forever. So I never come back, but I hope a lot of customer comes to Zaza and enjoy the electric impuls, the fire and the sensetiv sex (every man is dreaming about this). She is worth every minute! But be polite and she will make the heaven for you. It´s pity that I promised it was the last time ... but I keep Zara in magical memory forever.

K5relaxK5 IconTo Guido: In the name of The K5 Relax would like to thank you for your visit and very positive feedback. That's exactly what we looking for: satisfied happy guest feeling safe. Hope to see you soon, Regards Linda and Zara, The K5 Relax Team

K5relaxK5 IconTo Filipe: thank you for your constructive comment. We are going to watch her really closely now......Fully hope to see you here soon again. Your K5 team

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