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Please, re-write numbers from the picture

K5relaxK5 IconTo Pavel: Dobrý den, bohužel zatím nevíme jak bude slečna Milen pracovat příští týden. Tento týden v klubu už nebude.Jakmile se dozvíme více, budeme Vás informovat.

PavelDobrý den, kdy bude slečna Milen?

K5relaxK5 IconHi, Thank you for the nice comments... Vanesa will be here today ( 18-24 ), Wednesday ( 20-05 ), Thursday ( 18-04 ), Saturday ( 18-24 ). Hoping to your visit, The K5 Relax Team

NickHello, seeking to visit you nice place this week. I recollect the girl Vanessa, she was a real heaven to be with. Does she work this week?

K5relaxK5 IconTo Guido:You are more than welcome here. We will be happy to see you again in our club. Beautiful day

GuidoI can not get Zara out of my head. I was in the club two months ago, waiting for her for five hours. It was worth every minute to wait for her. She has given me the best time on earth. After that, I promised Zara to be in a nightclub the last time. But she does not get out of my head. I think of her very often and never forget her. She always stays in the memory with her great black lingerie and sexy black high heels. Nemůžu dostat Zaru z mé hlavy. Byla jsem v klubu před dvěma měsíci a čekala na ni pět hodin. Měla cenu každou minutu čekat na ni. Dala mi nejlepší čas na zemi. Potom jsem slíbila Zary, aby byla v nočním klubu naposledy. Ale ona se nedostane z mé hlavy. Myslím na ni velmi často a nikdy na ni nezapomenu. Vždycky zůstává v paměti s velkým černým spodním prádlem a sexy černými podpatky.

K5relaxK5 IconTo Natan:Thank you very much for the visit and positive comments. We hope to see you soon. Regards, The K5 Relax Team

NatanBricksI like this place, I've been here more than once with a girl. We relaxed very much and got excited and went home to relieve tension To you every time with a new girl, I find them here

K5relaxK5 IconTo Chris: We are happy you like the time in K5. Best regards Team K5

ChrisNo problem, I have recommended your club to all my friends! Yes please, pass on my regards to Julie, I can’t get her out of my mind!

K5relaxK5 IconTo Chris: Thank you very much for your beautiful message. We will tell Julie your regards. Hope to see you soon here. Your K5 relax club

ChrisHi, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my time at your club on 12th Sept. Julie (forgive me if spelling is wrong) made me feel so good about myself, telling me how hot I was and how much she liked my body, I fell in love! I hope to return sometime soon! Keep up the good work!

K5relaxK5 IconTo Johan: We would like to recommend Amethyst hotel. We work for a long time with. The main reason is the location ( is located just a few minutes walk from our club ) and close to us there are not many hotels in the same quality. Not far from us is Tosca Hotel, which has no comparison with Amethyst. Very good hotel ( in our area ) is Le Pallais, but it's extremely expensive compares to Amethyst.

JohanHi planing a trip to your Amazing club i end of september. can you recomend any good hotels who is girlfriend friendly?

K5relaxK5 IconTo FransC90: You are more than welcome here. Please send us email on info@k5relax.com and we will be happy to explain you more. Beautiful day

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