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Please, re-write numbers from the picture

K5relaxK5 IconTo Deiv: In the name of The K5 Relax would like to thank you for your visit and very positive feedback. That's exactly what we looking for: satisfied happy guest feeling safe. Hope to see you soon, Regards Linda, The K5 Relax Team

DeivBest club in Prague!!! Was there yesterday.. A never to forget experience...Deiasy stole my heart <3 ;) Will be there soon....

K5relaxK5 IconTo Mich:You do not need a reservation. We're here for you every day. Hope see you soon Team K5

MichHi there ! One question, should I arrange an appointment to meet a girl before my visit or I can just come without call ? Thanks !

K5relaxK5 IconTo Agshin:Please, we would be most happy to comunicate by e-mail. info@k5relax.com Thanks in asdvance. The K5 Relax Team

AgshinPlease, Tell me : how much price your service, how much price girls for night width room? I want to go in Prague.

K5relaxK5 IconHi Roto, Samantha is this week on vacation. The week after will be back. Daniela is still here. Regards Your K5 Relax Team

RotoJust wondered, are Samantha and Daniela still at the club? Again, just wondered.

K5relaxK5 IconTo Mattherbeert:Thank you very much for the nice comments. Your K5 Team

MatthewbeertWhoa! This really is one of the most helpful things on the matter I have ever come across. Thanks for your hard work.

K5relaxK5 IconTo Stranger: Of course, Natalie is still with us. Next week will be here but her working schedule for next week will be ready on Sunnday evening. Howevere she is very flexible. she can come exactly up to your request. So, pls let us know by e-mail. Regards Your K5 Relax Team

StrangerHello! Does Natalie work with you? Is she working next week?

K5relaxK5 IconTo Ben:Please, we would be most happy to comunicate by e-mail. info@k5relax.com Thanks in asdvance. The K5 Relax Team

benhi what is the price for a girl in the room for 1 houer

K5relaxK5 IconTo Andrew: Of course it is possible. Call us on this number or write us an email and we will provide you more informationes.+420224250505, info@k5relax.com

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